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What's the shortest path from being a loser to taking money home in online poker? Poker propping, of course. Believe it or not, online poker propping is the biggest factor in making winners out of players who have always had trouble eking out a profit otherwise. Become a poker prop today, and become a winner. If you're already a winner, increase your profit in a dramatic way.


What's an online poker prop?

A poker prop is a player who is the poker room's hired hand. I know that may sound a bit intimidating, but it shouldn't be. A prop is a player who strikes an agreement with the poker room to play under special circumstances and earn special rewards in return.


The reward for most online poker props consists in an exceptionally high rakeback percentage. Some prop deals offer up to 100% (which would be the equivalent of playing rake-free), others give their props even more, right up to 135%. When you're playing on such a generous poker prop deal, you're truly getting paid to play. Why is a prop deal different from your standard rakeback deal? Well, it gives you a much heftier rake return, and it binds you with certain limitations.

As online poker props, you will not be allowed to play on just any table you like. A poker prop's job is to provide action for the regular customers of the room, in order to secure critical player liquidity. Poker rooms need this liquidity desperately, because unless they're able to provide non stop action for their visitors, at least on the most popular limits, they may as well pack up and close the operation.


Pokerprops are meant to fill in this void which exists in the beginning in every online poker room. Don't worry though. If you become a pokerprop now, the room will not ditch your services once they get things rolling, and reach a level where they can get by without props too. Like any rakeback deal, the prop deal remains valid for as long as you play in the room.

These are some of the most common restrictions poker props will have to deal with:

  • He will not be allowed to play micro limits/stakes. Some prop-schemes allow their players to play at any table, however they only pay increased rakeback on certain limits. This is to stimulate action on limits which are not quite so popular.
  • Poker props will not be allowed to wait in queue at a full table. After all, their job is to provide action, not to thicken the ranks of those who are already having fun. Poker props will have to create new tables. Some poker rooms even set a maximum limit on the number of players a table - which the poker prop wants to join - can have.
  • An online poker prop will not be allowed to play heads-up against another online poker prop. At 6 handed tables, poker prop numbers are usually limited to 2, and at 10-handed tables to 3. It is not in the poker room's interest to have its hired hands battle it out among each-other.
  • Pokerprops will sometimes be required to sign in through instant messaging with the shift manager. Unless they do this, their actions will not count towards their prop rakeback share. Most of the time the shift manager will not answer props' messages, but he will nonetheless acknowledge them.
  • A pokerprop will most likely not receive a sign-up bonus, nor will he be allowed to take part in any of the regular promotions the poker room runs. There are of course exceptions too to this rule.


If you sign up as a poker prop today, you'll change the equation which has been stripping you of most of your winnings so far. You'll give your EV a huge boost and you will once again enjoy playing online poker like you used to.

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