Don’t tell the other players that you are a prop

Posted on October 14, 2009

One of the most basic chat rules for online poker props states that the prop cannot fill the other players in on his special status, under any circumstances. That’s right: the other players are not allowed to know that you’re a prop. Why can’t you tell them? There are several reasons to it.
No site is actually proud of the fact that it needs props to secure liquidity, which means that if its hiring props becomes public information, it could well and truly damage the reputation of the site.
Furthermore: most regular players mistakenly believe that because of their special status, the software aids poker props by giving them better cards. For that reason, they’re not exactly keen on matching wits with a player who’s obviously a prop and who’s careless enough to boast about it.
If one of the site’s regulars finds out that you’re earning more than 100% rakeback, he’ll feel pretty bad about playing with 30% or with no rakeback at all. Chances are he’ll stop playing altogether until he gets a similar rake back deal. Losing a regular player is a huge loss for the site as it makes its money off these guys and not off poker props. The site needs props, but it doesn’t need any at the expense of its existing player base.


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