Prop restrictions explained – the shiftmanager

Posted on September 4, 2009

Among the restrictions a prop deal will feature, signing in with the shiftmanager before you embark on a propping session usually tops the list. Why are these poker rooms so keen on having players sign in with the shiftmanager? And who is the shiftmanager anyways?

Since the prop room basically pays you to play, it needs to have a certain control over what you do at the table. By signing in through instant messaging, you’ll reveal your nick name and the fact that you’re now propping. This way, poker room personnel will be able to track you and to possibly direct you to the limits/tables where they’re badly in need of action.

 The shift-manager is the employee in charge of tracking poker props. While you play there he’ll be like a Big Brother, watching over you unseen.

Most of the time, the shift manager will not acknowledge your IM sign-in, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it.





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